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N135 Lotus, Leather and Silver Adjustable Necklace


N135 Lotus, Leather and Silver Adjustable Necklace – This ‘NO MUD, NO LOTUS’ handmade necklace has a silver plated, enameled, lotus flower coin shape bead in the center.  The lotus bead hangs from sterling silver cable chain attached to black leather.  The silver plated, antiqued barrel beads allow the length of the necklace to adjust from approx. 24 inches to 37 inches.  *The lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment and self regeneration.  The phrase ‘No Mud, No Lotus’ is an analogy to remind us that even in muddy water the lotus rises above the water and produces a beautiful flower and we may need to go through pain to rise above and become enlightened. This necklace is a great reminder to never give up!!!

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