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P187 Granite NH Cairn Silver Lavalier Pendant


P187  Granite NH Cairn Silver Lavalier Pendant – This handmade pendant contains four granite pebbles created to represent a cairn.  The Granite has a wide range of neutral colors such as shades of grey, beige, and a pinkish grey with highlights of black and darker greys.  Hanging below the cairn is a 9 mm round disc hand stamped with ‘NH’ on it to represent ‘The Granite State of New Hampshire’.  The pendant is made with sterling silver findings including a 6 mm bail.  This piece is one of a kind and very unique.  Great for anyone who has lived in NH or vacationed here! ***Also, a cairn pendant with natural gemstones can keep you grounded.  Cairns have been used for a wide variety of purposes from marking burial sights to hiking trails.  Zen Cairns are designed to teach us to be solid, but not rigid, stand tall and maintain your balance.

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